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derbyshire massage
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Tantric derbyshire
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Tantric derbyshire massage
Sensual massage derbyshire
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Tantric Naked massage
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Sensual Naturist massage nottinghamshire
massage derbyshire, derbyshire massage, tantric massage
Tantric Naked massage
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sensual, massage, tantric, massage, derbyshire, nottingham, derby, chesterfield, mansfield, nottingham, sheffield, yoni
massage derbyshire, derbyshire massage, tantric massage
sensual, massage, tantric, massage, derbyshire, nottingham, derby, chesterfield, mansfield, nottingham, sheffield, yoni
Tantric derbyshire massage
Sensual massage derbyshire
sensual, massage, tantric, massage, derbyshire, nottingham, derby, chesterfield, mansfield, nottingham, sheffield, yoni
sensual, massage, tantric, massage, derbyshire, nottingham, derby, chesterfield, mansfield, nottingham, sheffield, yoni
sensual, massage, tantric, massage, derbyshire, nottingham, derby, chesterfield, mansfield, nottingham, sheffield, yoni
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Client Reviews   

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Booking type:  Female Massage April 2024

I've been thinking of trying a sensual massage for quite some time and have been chatting to Mark recently to help me decide whether I could actually go ahead and just do it! I have to admit my nerves led me to cancel once, but Mark was so understanding and we arranged a new date. Mark arrived on time, very discreet and professional. The massage Mark gave me was out of this world and hit the spot.... in fact it hit a few. lol I've already rebooked and  I'm counting down the days already. ;-) xx

Booking type:  Couples Massage February 2024

We met Mark at a hotel, so my wife could have an erotic massage. Communication was good, and he was respectful and stood to what we asked. My wife enjoyed several intense moments with the massage and what followed as I also joined them.  Great meet, give him a try x

Booking type:  Couples Massage January 2024

We booked our massage with Mark having been recommended him by a friend of ours. Mark is a talented, warm, genuine and respectful guy. He was very flexible to fit in our booking and communication has been excellent. We loved the whole experience and happily recommend him. We've a week stay in lovley cottage coming up in the Spring and we've already agreed for our 2nd massage which we're sure tells you how much we enjoyed him and his massage!

Booking type:  Female Massage January 2024

Having exchanged a few messages with Mark I took a leap of faith and booked for the 2hr massage. This was my first ever sensual massage and I can say it definitely won't be my last!

Mark massaged me to the limits we'd agreed and I'm still tingling from the experience.

Booking type:  Female Massage December 2023

My husband booked Mark again as an early Christmas massage treat for me, my second massage from Mark. His touch just gets better and better and he has been quick to learn exactly what my body and mind desires. Thanks Mark for another amazing massage and I look forward to us meeting again very soon. Merry Christmas x

Booking type:  Coiuples Massage December 2023

This was a last minute booking and Mark was really flexible to fit in visiting us. He arrived on time and we agreed who would be massaged first. We both really enjoyed receiving our massages and watching each other getting them. Mark is really respectful and we enjoyed an amazing 2hrs and we had fantastic experiences both on and off the massage table. We've already booked for our next one!

Booking type:  Female Massage November 2023

Mark has a special way of making you feel safe and pampered. His massage is a wonderful thing, very relaxing and yet almost electric. He definitely knows what he's doing and will help you explore your body and its reactions as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I'm very glad of the experience I had with him. 

Booking type:  Couples Massage November 2023

Thank you for a brilliant experience. We booked at pretty short notice for a couples cuckold massage. Mark established what we were wanting through great communication and he arrived on time, he respected our agreed boundaries whilst thoroughly pleasuring my wife with a fantastic massage and took her to new levels of pleasure. I found watching this incredible and I've picked up some new tips on how to pleasure my wife for the future too!

Booking type:  Female Massage October 2023

Mark is brilliant. I was at ease. Felt really comfortable with him. He's very respectful and respects your body. Never rushes himself, takes his time, and ya tell him what ya want and ya get it. Just loved 1 hour massage with him.

Booking type:  Female Massage August 2023

I had an incredible session with Mark. From the minute he arrived I felt so at ease. I was worried I wouldn't be able to relax into the process, but I more than relaxed as Mark's magical touch transported me. Mark is very intuitive with his touch and knows exactly what is needed. I felt super safe and able to relax and let go. I can't wait for another session. Mark arrives very discreetly and is very professional. My body felt so alive afterwards, I felt like I was floating. What a great way to start the day. See you again soon Mark!

Booking type:  Female Massage August 2023

Well what can I say about this guy he's a gem. He traveled a fair way to give a tantric massage which I enjoyed so much. Arrived at the arranged time he knows his way around a woman's body. If you're lucky enough to have a full massage from Mark you won't be disappointed.

Thank you. D xx

Booking type:  Couples Massage July 2023

Mark was amazing, very professional and some great techniques. I joined him in massaging my wife L and she absolutely loved it. L loved having 2 pairs of hands over her curvy body and she was soon deep in pleasure. After the massage… well things went from great to amazing. L orgasmed several times and found new release. Mark passed on some great tips for me and they sure do work. L explored further with Mark making it a very memorable occasion. Meet again soon!

Booking type:  Female Massage May 2023

This was my first time of experiencing this kind of massage and it really was so good. Mark arrived on time, we chatted for a little while and then I had the most blissful massage. Mark is very skilled and his touch relaxed me and awakened my body like never before. I was so nervous to go ahead and book, but so glad I held my nerve and will not hesitate to book again and encourage anyone who is not sure to do it. x

Booking type:  Female Massage January 2023

Mark is a very respectful and skilled masseur. He set me at ease with a lovely chat over a drink and brought everything needed for a luxury sensual massage.

His touch and energy brought my long lost sensual soul back to me and it has been present ever since..... Thank you Mark for an amazing experience!

I will be booking again ASAP.

Booking type:  Couples Massage November 2022

We spent a little deciding if this was for us, and with the help of Mark answering our may questions we decided to give it a go. Thank you for being so patient with us and for answering our quaestions and concerns with empathy and with honesty. We arranged the date and time and Mark arrived. We'd prefer to keep the full details to ourselves, but would highly recommend Mark to anyone that is thinking of this kind of massage. We know you will thoroughly enjoy it. Just do it.

Booking type:  Female Massage September 2022

Wow wow wow !!! My 2nd massage with Mark and the experience just gets better and better. My advice to anyone who is wondering if they should book is to just go for it. My boyfriend booked the 1st massage and it was so good this is my 2nd of many more to come.

Thanks again Mark, you made me feel so special and I'm still tingling from head to toe!

Booking type:  Female Massage September 2022

My boyfriend booked me the massage with Mark as a birthday treat, and I'v got to say it was definitely my favourite present! Thank you for such an amazing experience Mark and I'll be seeing you soon for that next massage and experience ;)

Booking type:  Couples Cuckold Massage August 2022

Having previously been so nervous to book for this massage we finally went ahead, and now wish we'd done it so much sooner!!

Mark was so patient and helpful with us, we surely drove hime mad with our multiple changes of mind and questions.

We fianlly arranged to have a day off and invited Mark over, he is such a gent, we both felt so comfortable with him. The massage he gave "F" was amazing and "M" watched as Mark transported "F" to heights of pleasure she's never been before. Later "M" joined Mark in giving "F" her massage and Mark was amazing to guide and coach. We all had such an amazing time and cannot wait to find the time book again!

Booking type:  Female Massage June 2022

Wow, what an experience. Mark is such an attentive and down to earth guy, with an absolutely amazing touch. I've had quite a few massages but none as relaxing and as sensual as this whole body and mind experience. I will be booking again very soon which I guess is the best recomendation anyone can give.

Booking type:  Couple Massage May 2022

Thanks for being such a genuine considerate and normal guy! lol We'd been very nervous about doing this massage and you made it so enjoyable, relaxing and sensual for us both. We loved watching you massage the other and each feeling your expert touch, we're still tingling all over!! We can't wait to book again.

Please note: I did not take any bookings during the Covid lockdowns in 2020 to 2021 - hence no reviews received or permitted over that period.

Booking type:  Female Massage September 2021

Well after a long time wondering and worrying about having a Tantric Massage, I so wish I'd taken the leap a long time ago. Mark is such a lovely man and made me feel relaxed from the outset. The massage itself is everything I hoped for and more, I'm still tngling head to foot! I've already booked again and cannot wait. Totally recommend him to you, you won't be dissapointed.

Please note: I did not take any bookings during the Covid lockdowns in 2020 to 2021 - hence no reviews received or permitted over that period.

Booking type:  Female Massage February 2020

I have just had the pleasure of receiving another massage from the lovely Mark.

I can confirm what so many have already written and said about this chap, he is respectful, genuine and a lovely guy. He put me at ease quickly as I get nervous in this kind of situation, and he was soon melting away all the stresses. By body began to tingle ALL over and soon I was in a state of total pleasure.

Mark knows exactly how to totally relax and pleasure a lady, and if you are thinking of trying this kind of massage then I recommend Mark totally, you won’t regret it.

I will be booking again very soon.  X

Booking type: Female Massage January 2020

After such a hard few weeks at work I needed some serious  relaxation and de-stressing - you provided all this and more. Thanks again hun.

Booking type: Female Massage October 2019

I'd been considering contacting to arrange a massage for months, but my nerves always got the better of me. Having fianlly plucked up the courage I now realise just what I've been missing. If anyone is in any doubt then I'd say just contact Mark and you will find a lovely guy that is so willing and capable of giving a fantastic massage. Thanks Mark - see you soon.

Booking type: Couple Massage March 2019

Thank you very much Mark for your understanding and for your brilliant massage. We've had quite a few over the years , but none as good as this. Highly recommended.

Booking type: Female Massage December 2018

I booked Mark to give my wife a treat of a sensual massage for one of her christmas presents. From what she tells me she will be getting another for new year, her birthday, easter, halloween, bonfire night and any other excuse we can think of ! Mark was excellent throughout and very discreet and respectful of our wishes and nerves. Until next time x

Booking type: Female Massage September 2018

It's been way too long since I booked my last massage with the lovely Mark. After a tough week back at University I have to say the massage was desperately required and was everything I recall from last time and more. Mark just oozes relaxation and his touch is truly amazing, until next time. Namaste x

Booking type:  Couple Massage August 2018

We had been in contact with Mark for a while to arrange our massages. He has been patient and understanding throughout. This helped relax us and overcome our unfounded concerns. The massages were awesome ! and Mark tailored each to match our likes and desires - the best massage experience either of us has ever enjoyed - needless to say we'll be rebooking again very soon.  Highly recommended !!!


Booking type:  Female Massage June 2018

Mark is a warm, caring and attentive guy, who clearly enjoys his work. He is as gentle as you need him to be, and he will always get your consent for anything and everything he does. He definitely knows the meaning of discreet, anyone seeing him arrive would just think he was a regular/sports massage therapist. He's a true professional with very reasonable rates - worth every penny.

Booking type:  Couple Massage February 2018

We booked for a massage whilst on holiday celebrating our anniversary. We've been in contact with Mark for quite a while beforehand, as neither my hisband or I had experienced this type of massage before. Mark was wonderful, clearly explaining things and making sure we were comfortable throughout. So when the day of the massage came around, we already knew what to expect and it just flowed brilliantly. My husband watched as Mark massaged myself - his touch is amazing and like nothing I'd experienced before. I then enjoyed a 4 hand massage from Mark and my husband, Mark teaching him some of the touches and techniques along the way. I was transported to another galaxy - sheer bliss !!! Needless to say I / we will be booking again very soon.

Booking type:  Female Massage December 2017

I booked a last minute appointment with Mark having been let down by another masseur. All I can say is how pleased I am the other guy let me down !  Mark took me to new levels of relaxation and pleasure I didn't know were possible. I'll be in touch again soon for the New Year treat we discussed lol.

Booking type:  Female Massage September 2017

Hi Mark, I wanted to say a big thank you for visiting and massaging me this week. After so much nervous anticipation the reality was way beyond what I had imagined. You are such a caring and kind gent with superb massage skills, my body is still tingling ! To anyone who is thinking of trying this kind of massage, then I say go ahead and give Mark a try, you will love it.

Booking type:  Female Massage August 2017

This was my 3rd massage with Mark and he just gets better and better. Mark is so kind and respectful, he gets to know his client inside and out and uses his touch to perfection. Mark takes things at my pace and never oversteps the line. I have tried other massages but keep coming back to Mark. Thanks again and massage number 4 is already booked. ;-)

Booking type:  Female Massage May and June 2017

Thanks for today, it was wonderful. You were so gentle and caring as usual which has meant I've been able to confront some of my fears head on and begin the process of unlearning what I think is going to happen based on past experience and start expressing my likes and dislikes.

The respect you showed me, getting my consent for everything and the patience you had with me meant there was no pressure on me to do anything which I really appreciate.

I'm looking forward to next time, hopefully we can build on the new memories from today and I can continue to let go of my past and enjoy you pleasuring me.


Booking type:  Female Massage February 2017

Thanks to you Mark for making my first such massage an absolute pleasure. You put me at ease immediately and the time flew by so quickly. It may have been my first but it will not be my last that's for sure.  If anyone is in any doubt about how genuinely good Mark is and what a lovely gent he is, please take my word for it. I'll be booking again very soon !

Booking type:  Female Massage January 2017

After much searching and contacting various masseurs, I decided to book my massage with Mark. Mark arrived on time, very polite and friendly. Within minutes it was like we'd known each other for years. My nerves just vanished and I enjoyed the wonderful massage experience, I could have enjoyed it for even longer than the 90 minutes, so I will just have to book again very very soon.

Booking type:  Female Massage November 2016

I met Mark for my first ever sensual massage after exchanging several emails. From the beginning he made me feel relaxed and totally at ease. I had read several articles on it but still didn't really know what to expect. Certainly didn't expect what happened next though. OMG! Complete & utter bliss & ecstasy beyond compare. Will give Mark the same mark my Geography Teacher used to give to me. 15/10! Needless to say I booked my next massage with Mark the same day. A truly lovely gentleman who makes you feel very special. Xx

Booking type:  Male Massage November 2016

Having chatted and messaged for quite a while I booked for a massage with Mark. I really enjoyed the massage and Mark is very skilled at what he does. A very relaxing massage which I'd be happy to recommend and also to book for another ASAP.


Booking type:  Female Massage October 2016

Mark was a kind, considerate, professional who provide an excellent massage - he is very skilled and would recommend his services thoroughly to all who want a memorable, sensual experience.

Booking type:  Female Massage September 2016

This was my 2nd massage with the wonderful Mark, and he just gets better and better. He again arrived on time and very professional. Very discreet even with his massage table in the shoulder bag, he was so smart the neighbours wouldn't have suspected anything other than a chiropractor etc.. As for the massage itself, it was truly wonderful I was transported to a place of sheer ecstasy. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. Thank you once again xx

Booking type:  Female Massage August 2016

I wanted to get a gift with a difference for my wife as a birthday present ! ...... I got Mark for her!!  We both would like to say how fantastic Mark is. Polite, respectful and so damned good at his job. Thank you Mark, [name removed] will be booking you again very soon for another massage for herself.

Booking type:  Female Massage June 2016

I met Mark for the first time yesterday after a very last minute arrangement. We hadn't had time to talk about what I wanted from the appointment but I didn't really know having never had this experience before. From the moment Mark arrived I felt relaxed. Because of his consideration and professionalism I felt I was able to fully immerse myself in the whole experience which was amazing. The good thing was that Mark obviously enjoys it too, you feel that he is fully concentrating on you and what you might want. The hour went far too quickly but needless to say I am looking forward to meeting him again asap!! 

Booking type:  Male Massage May 2016

I booked Mark as a birthday treat for my husband. We have often had massages in Spa's and hotels and always been left wanting more. After a lot of talking I finally sent the email, I felt very nervous. Mark replied quickly and I soon felt a really good connection. We arranged that I would watch as Mark gave a sensual massage to my hubby. I won't give all the detail here, but I can say that both my hubby and I absolutely loved the whole experience. It was fantastic to watch and my hubby has not stopped raving about how good it was ! We will be booking again very soon. Thanks again Mark xx

Booking type:  Couples/Female Massage April 2016

"Wow! Amazing! What an absolutely fantastic experience. Mark you truly are a lovely, sincere gentleman who knows how to please a lady. We have been in contact with Mark for a while before we booked the massage. My husband was more than happy for me to be the prime focus of the massage and although initially really nervous, I was also excited at what was about to happen. This was our first experience of a naturist massage and once Mark arrived he soon put me at ease and made me feel very special. As the massage progressed into a more sensual and erotic nature my inhibitions soon faded away. I can only say that I wish this was something I had done years ago and knew that I wanted to experience such an amazing sensual arousal again. We couldn't have chosen a more caring or attentive person to enjoy the experience with.  Mark was more than happy to book a  return for the following day (with my husbands blessing) to deliver another massage, this time on a one to one basis with me so that I could completely relax and enjoy this most intimate experience to the fullest extent of my desires. I will definitely be booking with Mark again...and again...and again!!!"


Booking type : Female massage March 2016

"I had an amazing massage from Mark today & it was truly sublime. Mark is very skilful and worked a special kind of magic on me resulting in the most intense pleasure I've ever had. Mark is a warm, kind, intelligent man a real gentleman. I was apprehensive at first about inviting a stranger into my home but Mark,is very discreet and right from the start he made me feel comfortable & relaxed. Mark has a lovely personality & I felt totally safe with him. He made me feel sexy & desirable & soon had me wanting more. Thank you Mark. Please be assured I will be in touch soon. x"


Booking type : Couple massage December 2015

"Christmas has just cum early !!  We were nervous as this was our first journey into trying a massage like this. We shouldn't have worried at all as Mark was just great. We chatted and got to know each other and the massage was truly wonderful. I (Jane) have never experienced such a strong entire body orgasms (plural) - thank you again Mark, we will be in touch very soon to rebook xxx"


Booking type : Female massage August 2015

"Thankyou Mark it was all very lovely. I can also say you have a lovely touch and I loved the way my orgasm built up until my whole body entered it. I can honestly say I have not experienced that quite as strongly as today. Hopefully we can do it again. x"


Booking type : Female massage July 2015

"What a morning!! I met Mark for a fantastic naughty massage. I'm still buzzing. I knew it would be good but it was much better than imagined. A genuine lovely guy who made me feel great naked!! Truly not to be missed...was just what was needed. Let's do it again very soon x"


Booking type : Couple massage May 2015

"Just had the pleasure of meeting Mark. He was friendly, chatty and very professional, he also gave a really good massage. I was more than pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect the arousal I had! Looking forward to the next one and with gin involved (private joke) lol x"


Booking type : Couple massage May 2015

"Well what a way to spend my lunchbreak. Had a lovely sexy massage from Mark who is a very naughty masseur straying well beyond his professional responsibilities with the ultimate happy ending. This has to be repeated Very soon xxx"

Booking type : Couple massage April 2015

"We have just met this great guy and he spent two hours massaging my wife. He's a really nice guy and my wife had a fabulous time. If you get the chance to experience him take it, he's got fantastic skills x"

Booking type : Female massage April 2015

"Awesome !!!!! Doesn't start to say anything about my massage today x I have never experienced the intensity of orgasm I have today x Thank you seems inadequate, but thanks all the same Mark xxxx"

Booking type : Female massage March 2015

"I met Mark at short notice for a sensual massage and throughly enjoyed it. He's very good with his hands and fingers and had me totally aroused. I'm looking forward to my next massage soon x"

Booking type : Female massage February 2015


"The perfect gent, Mark gave me the most sensuous experience I have ever had, my entire body and mind was stimulated to the heights of ecstasy, over and over again. I would recommend Mark without hesitation. I will be back ! "

Booking type : Couples massage October 2014


"Mark thank you for a fantastic massage the like we have never had before, relaxing, erotic and downright WOW all wrapped up together! We cannot wait til next time."

Booking type : Male massage September 2014


"What an experience! simply the best masage I've ever experienced. Thanks Mark - highly recomend this genuine, and down to earth guy."



Booking type : Female massage July 2014


"Very skilled and very sensual, having been in contact for a little while with Mark, I finally plucked uo the courage to book a massage with him. Why did I wait so long ? I was on cloud 9 for days after."





Please feel free to ask any questions not answered here:


Are you qualified in massage?

I pride myself on providing a range of sensual naturist massage experiences. I have many years of experience in providing sensual naturist massage and can help you to relax and un-wind along with exploring your sensuality further, should you wish to. I do not provide a "physio" or sport massage, neither am I an osteopath or chiropracter. If you require this kind of massage, please consult your GP or an independant provider. I ask that, should you have any current or past skeletal or muscular injuries, you let me know before-hand so I am aware and can adapt your massage accordingly.

I welcome all feedback, be it good or bad to assist me in maintaining a high standards of customer satisfaction. 


I'd love to have a massage, but my budget is restricted. Do you offer any discounts?

I am constantly researching and checking my pricing in an effort to provide you with the best service at the best price. Like any professional business however, I have over-heads and costs to cover. On occasion I have special offers available to enable you to benefit from our services at a reduced rate. I advertise these on my web-site.


Are you happy to see/massage people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds?

Of course. Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world. I am happy to meet you whatever your nationality, religion or beliefs.

I believe that we are all sensual beings and encourage everyone to explore both their physical and sensual self.

I never discriminate against colour, size, age or physical/mental ability, so please feel at ease when enquiring about my naturist massage experience.


If I/we make a booking, what's the procedure, what can I/we expect?

Whichever massage your have chosen, the massage starts with you on your front so I can massage your back, shoulders etc. Please feel free to touch me at any time if you'd like to. At some point, I will ask you to turn over so your massage is concentrated on your front with extra attention to your sensitive intimate areas allowing you to build up gradually to a mind-blowing orgasm....if you'd like one. Payment should be made prior to the massage service commencing, I am not able to accept card or cheque payments so this will be by cash please.


When you come to my/our home or hotel, what happens?

I will arrive discreetly and go straight to your room, unless you request otherwise. Your massage can be performed on the bed, the floor or a massage table can be brought along for you. I will also bring all you may need including oils (fragrance free oils are available), towels, and music etc.. should you require them. Obviously I'll require your hotel address and room number in order to meet you. For a home visit, I'll bring all you need just as for a hotel visit. Once again, I will require your address details in order to visit you. My personal preference is to use my massage table, as this is the ideal height and better enables me to conduct a quality experience for you.


Do you have a minimum or maximum age for your clients? Will you see disabled people?

For legal reasons, I do have to enforce a minimum age of 18 for all clients. If you are lucky enough to appear under 21, then I will require a proof of age. I have no upper age limit however and I'm happy to massage you however senior you may be in years. I am always happy to hear from people who, for one reason or another, are less able than others, and I will endeavour to accomodate your needs as best I can. All I ask is that you are able to get on the massage table...I am happy to assist if need be.


I'm/we're very nervous. This is my/our first time. What happens  during the massage?

For most people I see, be they male, female or a couple, this is the first-time that they've ever done anything quite like this. I have seen many people over the years and treat everyone with respect and understanding, regardless of your requirements or experience. You will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed and everything proceeds at a pace set by yourself. You will enjoy a full-body naturist massage and will have the opportunity to touch and interact at whatever level you feel comfortable with.When I'm visiting you either at your home or hotel for the first time, I like to have a brief chat over a drink so we can get to know each other a little before starting your massage. If I have travelled a fair distance, I may wish to shower quickly before're welcome to join me if you'd like to.


What is and do you offer a "Cuckold" massage and how far can it go?

Cuckold is an adult activity many couples enjoy where the man watches his wife as she's massaged and stimulated by me during her massage. How much she enjoys her time with me is entirely up to each couple at the time. I am happy to provide this full service and for your lady to enjoy me however she likes to any level, providing you're both comfortable with exploring. I will always keep any interaction within any limits you may set, either individually or as a couple so that you can enjoy the experience at a level that suits you both. If you'd like to join me in massaging and pampering your wife or girlfriend, please feel free to do so.


I would like this as a surprise for my partner, do they need to know?

Many Gentlemen request a sensual or erotic massage for their partner as a special treat or for fantasy fulfillment. Watching your lady being pleasured and enjoying herself with me is a fantasy for many men, as is the idea of "being naughty" with me for many women. Unfortunately, sometimes when fantasy becomes reality, it can prove to be too much to handle, especially when it's a "surprise". For this reason I prefer to talk to both of you before confirming, just to ensure that you're both Ok with the situation. Should you prefer to keep it a secret, i suggest we all meet for a drink first and see how things go. If your partner shows willing to go further and enjoy me, we can go and have some naughty fun. If not then I will make my excuses and leave. Discrete payment is still required, however to cover my time and expenses.


I tend to "finish" quickly when excited. What happens if this occurs?

I am very experienced at sensual and erotic massage and will always try to ensure that you enjoy your massage to the fullest and for however long you've requested your appointment to be. In the event that you become over-excited and climax early on into your massage, I will continue to massage and pamper you for the duration of your booking. You never know, you may be able to "go again". For ladies and gentlemen who have the opposite problem and find it hard to reach an orgasm, the techniques used can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.


How much does it cost to enjoy more than just massage?

Every massage or sensual journey is a unique and personal experience. My pricing is based on what you would like to experience and how long for. "Extras" are not charged and you will always be aware of any costs before-hand.  Please contact me to discuss your own unique experience and pricing. 

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