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Covid-19 Measures and Safety

26th January 2022 onwards.

With the majority of UK adults now vaccinated including myself being double jabbed and in line with Government advice and guidance, I am delighted to once again offer my massage to existing and new clients.

I take a sensible approach much in line with good personal hygiene and will always be freshly showered and use freshly cleaned sanitised equipment. I will continue to use hand gel and also wear a mask in busy environments.

For everyone's protection I will not go ahead with a massage if either myself or the client exhibits any symptoms.

If you have any concerns or questions please do ask.

Previous Updates.

May 2021 Update: To advise I have now had both of my Covid-19 vaccine shots. I am also testing myself at least every other day and check my temperature every day.

I realise this is not in the slightest a sensual topic - however it is important. Knowing that we are all taking this seriously will hopefully allow us to relax and enjoy the time spent together and you will gain the maximum possible pleasure and relaxation, free of worries and concerns.

Following the latest government briefing by the Culture Secretary, I am now taking bookings for massage again. Whilst "massage therapists" were not specifically mentioned, he did mention beauticians and spa's. As massage is one of the treatments you can usually book at a spa it is understood that massage therapists can resume seeing their clients.

Both I and Clients will have to adhere to a few extra procedures in order to minimise the risk of infection.

I'll use a reputable high strength hand sanitizer prior to arrival and throughout my visit.

I will only use freshly laundered coverings and I will have fully cleaned using a high strength sanitising spray the massage table, holdall and all other items I bring into your home prior to arrival. I will be wearing a medical mask and will leave it to your own discretion whether you wish to wear one or whether you'd prefer me to remove mine.

Please let me know if you would prefer to use your own towels to cover the massage table and or to use as a pillow / head support.

Should either of us not wear a mask or face covering then I will ensure I keep the appropriate distance from your face as per current published guidance.

On arrival, I'll take yours and my own temperature with a non-contact forehead thermometer. If either of us register 37.9 degrees C or over then we can't proceed any further.

If you or anyone in your household exhibits any of the common signs associated with Coronavirus then please do not book or if you have then please cancel.

I would be grateful if you would not book for a massage within 14 days of returning from any holiday abroad. This is regardless of any easing of government restrictions.


I need your ethical agreement that you’ll contact me if you develop any symptoms of Coronavirus or receive a positive diagnosis within five days of me visiting you, so I can decide whether any other clients whom I have visited after you need informing. Obviously, your personal details will not be disclosed to other clients, only the fact that they may be at an increased risk.

Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do let me know.

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